Digital Dental Technology

Cad Cam Partial Frameworks

In recent years Cad Cam solutions have revolutionised parts of the dental industry. For 2 years now we at Simcast have been investigating the possibility of producing sound and accurate partial frameworks using Cad Cam systems. Simcast is proud to be at the cutting edge of this new direction for Cad Cam and is now one of the very first labs in the country to make the transition to fully digital partial production. We offer a digitally produced and hand finished framework on your model as sent traditionally through the post. Alternatively you can scan your model and upload the STL file via our website. We will then produce a digital partial framework and return the finished metalwork on a highly accurate printed model. This means the working model never leaves your lab, and you receive a precise model on which you can present the finished denture to the end user. We can also manufacture plastic trial frameworks to be tried in the mouth before going to alloy production. Please contact us for more information regarding this exciting new process