Chrome Cobalt Denture Castings UK

Simcast Dental Laboratory manufactures well fitting, strong yet light full and partial denture castings, using the very best materials available such as Vitallium 2000+, combined with highly stable Dentaurum investments. Our technicians have been producing chrome partial dentures for over 40 years, during which time, our processes have been finely tuned to enable us to achieve consistent high quality results.

Simcast Dental Laboratory offers a 5-6 working day turnaround after we receive your case and we guarantee that all of your work will fit your model. If you are looking to try out our chrome partials, then we can offer your first case at half price.

Contact our team today

Call us today for the quick and efficient services that we pride ourselves on. Call 01202 421 442 and one of our friendly and highly trained team will be more than happy to help you whatever you are looking for. Please remember that our chrome framework turnaround times are 5 to 6 days from receipt of your case, and you can also be sure our work will perfectly fit your model.